lizaw33za's Outdoors photoset lizaw33za's Outdoors photoset
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Oh myyy I'm so glad I found your blog. Your work is amazing 😍
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Thank you ^.^

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where do you get those huge canvases and for how much?
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I stretch the canvas onto these large stretchers that my studio mate out together months ago. I get large roles of canvas though at the art store for 140 bucks or so.. The price of the canvas depends on how big you want to go

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glow blog

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Was interviewed by the native creator last week! thenativecreator:

Our second feature in The Native Creator is the lovely Liza Feurtado who we interviewed via e-mail to talk about her hyper realistic artwork and happiness. 

What inspires you to make such hyper realistic artwork and not another style like abstract art work?

There is something very mesmerizing about being able to re-create reality. And that’s what I do when I make these photo-realistic paintings; I am basically taking an image from our reality and trying to re-create it to look as similar as how I see it with my own eyes. When people see the end product, and realize it’s not a photo.. and that it’s a painting, they are very surprised!

What would you like to represent as a person?

As a person I’d like to represent beauty, creativity, love, light [and] spirituality. Those are all things that are very relevant to me as a person and as an artist.

When did you first get into art?

I first got into art when I was very young. I’d say when I was 7 or 8 years old. But it wasn’t until I was 19 when I began to realize that art was something very relevant thing in my life.

What goes through you when you create?

I like this question haha. I would say I put out a lot of my energy and focus when I create. Most of that energy and focus is out of love for what I am doing in that moment. There are times when I am working on a piece, and I am so into what I am putting my energy and focus into that it becomes like a form of meditation for me. I’d say love and light go through me when I create.

What would be your ultimate dream in life?

My ultimate dream in life is to be happy with what I am doing at that moment, therefore I have already sort of reached my ultimate dream. This does not mean that I will stop challenging myself and pushing myself to move forward to bigger better places!

Do you have any advice to people who would like to create art but aren’t confident enough to do it?

My advice is to believe in yourself and believe in your work. If you don’t believe in what you do, then no one else will. Have confidence in yourself, even if what you want to create may seem silly to others. It doesn’t matter what others think, the only thing that matters is creating what makes you feel best [and] happiest.

Where do you want to wake up in the morning?

I enjoy waking up in NYC everyday because this is where I am meant to be right now. But in the future I would love to wake up in my own studio somewhere in a warm tropical place :)

What do you do outside of your art?

Like art, I have a very strong passion for music. I love listening to music at all times. Every week I see some kind of live musical performance. I love being surrounded by interesting, artsy, humorous, and joyful people. I enjoy the outdoors a lot; I like hiking in the woods, biking, and swimming. I love eating great food. Also enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Where would you want an art gallery?

I would like to have an art gallery in both NYC and Brooklyn, NY. And also one in Europe somewhere if possible.

What is your definition of happiness?

Happiness is having love yourself and love for your surroundings. The good and bad sides.

Are you happy?

yes, I am ridiculously happy. I am doing what I love, and loving what i am doing!!^.^

If you wouldn’t be creating art, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t creating art at the moment I would probably be pretty miserable haha!

I was going to college to become a dental hygienist last fall, and if I hadn’t quit college to work on my art I’d be still in school denying myself from success and happiness.

What is your favourite art piece of the twenty first century?

That’s a difficult question.. I don’t have a favorite. I am constantly stumbling across beautifully impressive pieces of art.

If you could share an art studio with anybody you wanted, dead or alive, who would it be, where would it be and what would you create?

I would love to share an art studio with Leonardo Da Vinci! I think he was an incredibly gifted man and definitely had a lot of knowledge of life’s secrets. We would have an art studio together in the future and we would create beautiful master pieces that would transcend through time and space.

You can follow Liza at slightart.tumblr.com & wearealltourist.tumblr.com

You can buy Liza’s incredible artwork on etsy at Etsy.com/shop/LizaFeurtado.


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You should make a time lapse video for your new honey girl painting!! Id love to see one it'd be so cool
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Haha yes! Maybe I will make one this week if time permits ^.^

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Do you do commissions?
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Sort of but not really

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Hey, your honey girl painting, is that oil painting? Or acrylic, but I don't think it's acrylic tho?
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it is acrylic :)

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Do you live in New York ?
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So I may have followed you late but what's the story behind the honey girl paintings? They're amazing! I'm just curious. Also you have crazy attention to detail!
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 haha thank you! the honey girl painting is just one of my first large paintings but if you’re interested in my story my art blog is — > slightart.tumblr.com <—-

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Garden State

Garden State

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Your work is quite good! Keep it up girl :)
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Thank you sweetheart

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For your honey girl, did you paint a replica from a photo or were the photos just an idea of what it would look like from that angle bc the honey girl video doesnt seem to have a photo from that angle. The paintings amazingggg btw. Youre so talented
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Hey thank you! :) and I am painting a replica from another picture I took of the model. The honey girl video was a collage of photos I was trying to choose from but I went ahead and did a whole other photo shoot with the same model.

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Starting a new honey girl painting ! ^.^🍯🙎